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Revolutionizing the art of recovering 
archaeological artifacts and vanished history.



Welcome and thank you for visiting Aqua Quest International, Inc.

Our company specializes in archaeological recovery, ocean research and exploration, archaeological diving education, and humanitarian community building.

The Aqua Quest’s highly skilled and trained team salvages history buried beneath oceans, rivers, or any other body of water with a respect to the environment, culture, and archeology of each project.

Our world class team includes some of the top archeologists, historians, side scan sonar specialists, archivists, and divers in the world. Respect to the environment and humanitarianism is a priority at Aqua Quest International, Inc.

Each of our projects include the top researchers and consultants in the world to assure the preservation of each project.

Our humanitarian efforts include hiring locals within the communities of our projects and teaching and training them new skills to work safely in our project environment. Giving back to local communities is built into our business model.

Community profit sharing and setting up programs for injured and/or crippled divers that were hurt due to improper dive training are taught new workforce skills.

We invite you to explore our exciting and fascinating world.

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