Our Story

Seventy percent of our planet is covered by Oceans and Seas.  It is projected that the monetary value of the shipwreck resources lost beneath the sea, after some three thousand years of seafaring, exceeds the total value of the of the world’s currencies as they exist today. 

Photo: Michael McCabe

Aqua Quest International is an Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Recovery Corporation headquartered in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Since the first submersibles were utilized in the late nineteenth century, man has been exploring and exploiting ocean resources, and reaping the bounty the oceans provide. Advanced technology is making undersea search and recovery - in both deep and shallow water environments - more practical and more cost effective. Archaeological Recovery combines the ‘Scientific Method’ of ‘traditional archaeology’ with the ‘bottom line’ business of shipwreck salvage. Aqua Quest believes the goals of shipwreck research and shipwreck archaeology are best served within a dynamic model of business and entrepreneurship. Captain Robert Mayne, Aqua Quest CEO invites you to examine our web site and join in the Aqua Quest Adventure.

Aqua Quest International Inc., Is a private sector ‘for profit’ corporation is dedicated to the search for, and archaeological recovery of the world’s lost shipwreck resources, wherever these shipwrecks might be found. 


The goals of Aqua Quest are simple and straightforward. The first goal is to:

  1. Develop a list of shipwreck targets in SCUBA accessible depths as well as deeper ROV accessible depths.
  2. These sites will be archaeologically investigated and salvaged utilizing standard archaeological methodology.
  3. All artifacts recovered will be scientifically stabilized and conserved in a conservation laboratory.
  4. All artifact material will be catalogued and archaeologically described in a site report - monograph.
  5. The shipwreck site will be recorded on a photo mosaic and standard shipwreck site plan, and site interpretation will be documented in an archaeological monograph.
  6. Either a monograph or book will be published describing individual shipwreck site research and excavation.
  7. All archival information gathered over the course of the investigation-excavation will be deposited in a public archival depository.
  8. Aqua Quest will publish a Corporate Annual Report. 

Documentary Film Production

Aqua Quest International also has joined with Filmmaker Michael McCabe to create Aqua Quest Films, a full service production company.  We are currently producing documentary films on various projects, as well as, a pilot television show.  


Aqua Quest International is supported by the Signum Ops publishing house and we can produce both electronic as well as traditional paper publications as Print On Demand or contracted batch-printing editions.  We do layout in color or grayscale, providing all of the expected publication services, which include cartographic illustration, concept art, indexing, cover design, source file archiving in PDF, photo touch-up, and distribution through Amazon as desired.

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We have a central archive facility in California where our telemetry and data files are stored electronically, and accessed via FTP.